Our Specialist Decorating Services

Are you looking for something more unusual to enhance an interior space? We can advise you on a range of specialist artisan finishes used to restore heritage and period properties, but equally at place enhancing any home or work place.

Whether it is interest to a plain room or an illusion of space that you wish to create, specialist finishes can be used to personalise and enliven an existing interior.

Our specialist decorating services cover the following areas:

       Restoration/heritage work
       Wall coverings/wallpapering
       Specialist finishes:
       Faux Finishes:        Decorative Painting:

Specialist finishes

Specialist finishes such as colour washes, metallic finishes or painted plaster may be considered as an alternative to wall coverings or wallpaper to create an ambient effect or personalise a room. They are often enhanced to their maximum effect with directional lighting. We can advise you on paints for your specific interior and provide a series of samples.

Faux finishes

Creating an illusion of perspective or a deceptively realistic portrayal of the ‘real thing’, on a substrate/surface; marble, wood and/or stone faux finishes can expand and enhance any home or business. These art forms date back millennia, and have their origins in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago. Referencing these ancient techniques in an interior can create an impression of distinction. Often, where in the case of marbling, the authentic material is by cost prohibitive; faux finishing can provide a realistic alternative.

Murals and Trompe L’oeil

Meaning ‘trick of the eye’, Trompe l'oeil has been used for centuries to create an illusion of extended 3d space on a flat surface. From grandiose vistas to deceptive extensions of a room; perhaps an awkward corner or large, flat space, we can help you realise your imagination with exquisite execution on a scale to fit your requirements. Ceilings and walls can be enhanced through the use of other Trompe l'oeil effects such as clouding and fine, decorative hand painted details; canny replications of antique panelling can also fool the viewer immediately. Stencilling in repeat pattern provides a versatile solution to whole wall covering as well as creating a border. It is also a popular choice for embellishing a child or young person’s bedroom.

Wallpapering/Wall coverings

Wallpapering has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years as the range of designs available has exploded onto the marketplace. Whether it is a whole room or a feature wall, we are qualified to hang the wallpaper of your choice with the utmost precision. We are happy to collate a series of samples on your behalf following discussion of your requirements.

We at All Seasons Decorating Services provide our clients with quality assurance, by complying with the Painting & Decorating Association’s high standards. We are subjected to random checks to ensure the services we provide are kept at impeccable standards.

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